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Modular and versatile gravity product dispenser units. Can be easily customised to meet the needs of any Pet store or Veterinary clinic.

At Semcom , we have designed and produced many product dispensing solutions suitable for use in Veterinary and Pet Store Retail environments.


The product gravity dispenser units are injection moulded from robust plastic material and can be designed to dispense any range of Vet & Pet medicine products including Tea, Flick, Worm or other medicines.

Vet Product Dispenser Gravity Unit POS Display Bravecto
Vet Pet Store Medicine Product Tea Flick Worm Dispenser Modular Display.jpg

The dispenser units have been designed to be modular and can be free standing or can click together to display a whole range of products.

They can sit on the shelf or also feature slat wall clips for mounting onto the slat walls, which are often used behind the counter in many pet stores, and boast clear hinged front doors to allow for easy re-stocking of product.


Large product information printed graphic cards can  be inserted to the front and printed lower shelf strips can be inserted below to give ample area for communication of product SKU information, features and benefits.

Veterinary Pet Store Medicine Product Gravity Plastic POS Dispenser Display.jpg
Modular Category Management Product Dispenser Unit Vet Pet Store Flea Ticks Worms.jpg

All these features make the gravity dispenser POS display units the perfect category management system for Veterinary and Pet Store retail environments. 

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