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Displaying a Sustainable Future

At GoEco™, sustainability is not just a passing trend, it's an ongoing, long term responsibility that we have committed ourselves to, and are making a part of our everyday ethos.


Encouragingly, we have noticed an increasing demand from our clients for point-of-sale solutions that reflect this common goal.


The message is unanimously clear, that it is no longer enough for solutions to just be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and economical – we need to do more to maintain our precious environment! 


GoEco™ has embarked on an innovative, dedicated and holistic approach to creating environmentally friendly products without comprising design, function or form.


Join us, so together we can DISPLAY A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

GoEco Sustainable Eco Friendly Green POS Displays and Print

Why GoEco™?

More for the environment

At GoEco™, we strive to find solutions that are:

• Recycled and Recyclable

• Plastic free

• Non Toxic

• Ethical
• and have a Reduced carbon footprint

More for your brand

• Studies show consumers appreciate brands who care about their
environmental impact – and they show it with their choice and loyalty.
• Sustainability is no longer a trend - it needs to be a way of life that your brand commits to.

More for you & your budget!

When you GoEco™ you will be surprised on how much more you can do for the environment, your team, your company and even your budget.


Our GoEco™ range are designed to:

• Consume less raw materials, less trees, less CO2, reduce landfill.

• Can sometimes save you money compared to your current displays.

• Are easy to assemble thus increasing your teams productivity.

• Make you and your team feel good about the choices you have made towards  Displaying a Sustainable Future.

“The connections between people, the environment and the economy are undeniable.

And the businesses that capitalise on those connections today, will be the heroes of tomorrow.”

Dermot O’Gorman
CEO WWF-Australia

Why GoEco?

GoEco™ everyday Range

Our everyday range of Sustainable POS products, specifically designed for their low Environmental Impact, Aesthetics, Function, Performance and cost effectiveness. We can also do More for the rest of your range.

Sustainable Eco Friendly FLOOR BIN FSDU Display with Pulp Clips
Floor Display
Eliminate use of plastics
Sustainable Eco Friendly COUNTER UNIT Display
Counter Unit
Reduce the amount of trees used
Sustainable Eco Friendly Recycled HANGSELL Display
Reduce your
carbon footprint
Sustainable Eco Friendly 100% Recycled printed POSTER Display
Reduce your
landfill waste
Sustainable Eco Friendly SHELF STRIP UNIT Display
Shelf Strip
Reduce your energy consumption
Sustainable Eco Friendly 100% Recycled CUBE Display
Utilise 100%
recycled materials
Sustainable Eco Friendly 100% Recycled SHELF TALKER Display
Shelf Talker
Eliminate the use of toxic chemicals
Sustainable Eco Friendly 100% Recycled Wobbler Display
Reduce your water consumption
Eco Range

Impact Calculator

Use our calculator to see the impact you can have when you GoEco™

Sustainable Eco Friendly FLOOR BIN FSDU Display with Pulp Clips
Sustainable Eco Friendly COUNTER UNIT Display
Sustainable Eco Friendly 100% Recycled CUBE Display
Sustainable Eco Friendly 100% Recycled printed POSTER Display
Sustainable Eco Friendly POS Wood Reduction Impact


Sustainable Eco Friendly POS Trees Used Reduction Impact

Trees Saved

Sustainable Eco Friendly POS Plastic Reduction Impact


Sustainable Eco Friendly POS Landfill Reduction Impact


Sustainable Eco Friendly POS CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emission Carbon Footprint Reduction Impact

Greenhouse Gas


Calculations based on comparison of Go-Eco™ to current common non eco pos production which include a mix of plastic laminates and non recycled stocks. Based on equivalent North American Paper Data. 

Let GoEco™ evaluate your companies footprint and plan to Display a Sustainable Future together

By working with the GoEco™ team, we can analyse your current way of doing things, and demonstrate how you can improve and do more for the environment and surprisingly, even your budget.


Our sustainability team can:

• Analyse your current range, and  quantify your current Eco impact

• Re-specify, re-design and re-engineer your POS range and put together a GoEco™ plan to vastly improve your footprint.

• Quantify and demonstrate the huge positive impact our GoEco™ plan will have and provide a detailed report to summarise our findings.

• Work together to continue to monitor, track and improve your environmental impact to meet company sustainability goals.

GoEco Sustainable Eco Friendly POS Impact Analysis Report
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