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As a proud partner of Sydney World Pride Day, Reckitts' Durex brand worked together with Semcom to Design and Produce a celebratory suite of POS Displays to dress up and take over key stores.

The suite of POS was Loud and Proud and included a vast range of creative and impactful POS Display pieces that were eye-catching and embellished with fun and festive, colourful and holographic finishes.

Durex POS Diecut Heart Shelf Talker Shelf Wobbler POS Display
Durex Condoms POS Point Of SaleDisplay Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Woolworths, IGA.

A full range of Durex World Pride Mardi Gras POS display elements were designed so as to dress up stores of all sizes, ranging from small concentrated shelf dress ups to full scale store takeovers.


POS Display components included:

- Spectacular Disco Truck "Float" POS Jumbo Car Cardboard Display

- Glittery Entry & Aisle Archways POS Displays

- Strips of Colourful Condom Hanging Streamers

- Glamorous Drag Queen Selfie POS Cardboard Standee

- Glittery Heart Shaped Shelf Wobblers

- Aisle Flags, Shelf Strips

- Jumbo Boxes and Cubes

- Glittery Security Gate Covers

- Heart Shaped & Glittery Floor Stickers

- Attention Grabbing Bunting Banner Flags

- Gondola End Header Cards


Cardboard printed Glittery Entry & Aisle Archways provided a dramatic entrance to stores and the category aisle. 

Durex Condom Cardboard POS Cutout Car Jumbo Truck Display for Pride Week.
Durex Jumbo Cardboard POS Cutout Car Truck Display for Pride Week.

The Spectacular Durex World Pride Mardi Gras Disco Truck "Float" Display adorned with disco ball and glittery holographic finish, set the scene for the in-store parade and really put shoppers in the Mardi Gras mood. Produced from printed and laminated corrugated cardboard, the displays were flat packed and assembled in store and had the ability to hold varying amounts of product depending on store requirements.

Durex POS Display Hanging Condom Streamers for Pride Week
Glittery Durex POS Hanging Bunting Flags for Pharmacy, Grocery, Supermarket.

Strips of Colourful Durex Condom Hanging Streamers die cut from printed and laminated card were an innovative, creative and versatile decorative POS element. They could be hung at entrances, windows, doorways, walls, gondola ends and anywhere the imagination desired. Added to this, lengths of impactful bunting banner flags were strung throughout the aisles and stores, all coming together to create a very festive and fitting activation for Durex.

Durex POS Display Digital Printed Custom Shaped Floor Stickers
Durex Glittery Security Gate Screen POS Display Covers for Pharmacy, Grocery, Supermarket, Coles Woolworths.
Durex Pride Mardi Gras Key Visual Design Poster POS Displays

A whole suite of creative Durex World Pride Sydney Mardi Gras POS display elements were created including custom shaped floor stickers, wobblers, security gate covers, jumbo product display boxes, posters and display cubes, all adding to the festive atmosphere.   

Campaign responsibilities included all proposed activation creative concepts and ideation, design and finished artwork, knifeline structural design and sampling, print finish and material specification, production, kitting and fulfilment. 

The result was an exciting and impactful in store environment that carried the shopper away on a journey as if they were right amidst the celebratory parade. 

Want to make an Impact you're Proud of.

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