ElastiTag® - NECK TAGS

ElastiTag® offer the ultimate in choice and innovation when it comes to on packaging promotional tagging. 

​ElastiTag® offer a range of on pack Hang & Neck tags to suit almost any product or packaging you require.
Hang & Neck Tags come in various shapes and sizes to suit; drink bottles, wine bottles, jars, pump dispensers,

food products, fresh produce, cosmetic packaging, healthcare packaging and more.

​Explore the endless possibilities to further promote and communicate the benefits of your product.
ElastiTag® are the ideal on pack hang tag for:  on pack promotions, on pack information, on pack sampling, bonus packs, cross merchandising, featuring an award, providing health benefits, telling a brand story and more. 
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The versatile & easy to apply product hanging neck tag.


Available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit almost every product application. 


This multitasker can carry something and boost your promotion at the same time.

Shoppers love trial size products! Tote offers fun options when you want a lightweight sample to tag along with another product.


This no-frills character is like a mini backpack on your product.

The main goal of the tab is to carry something small for the shopper to try. With a colorful, stretchy elastomer loop combined with a pressure sensitive adhesive tab—this guy is ready to go to work!


This attention-getter offers more design freedom and allows you targeted placement on your product. You’ll love how creative you can be!


There are times when you need that something extra to hold it together.

Here is where our band comes to the rescue. You can bundle products, combine value packs or reduce packaging. Our colorful elastomer combined with a printed tag section gives you room for an impactful message.


Our packing & kitting options vary based on the requirements of each order.


We’ll do whatever we can to meet the needs of your project, making sure it’s easy from start to finish.






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